Sun Moon Lake - Alishan 5 Day PASS

2021 Sun Moon Lake - Alishan 5 Day PASS( NT450)
Content original fare
‧【Taichung - Sun Moon Lake】A one-way bus ticket NT193
‧【Sun Moon Lake - Alishan】A one-way bus ticket NT336
Where to Buy:Nantou Bus『Taichung, Gancheng Station』、Nantou Bus『HSR Taichung Station(the first floor fifth exit)』 Download Booking orders

Ticket Instruction:
※ Each ticket set is valid for five days, starting from the date that any of the tickets is first used by the holder.
※ The bus ticket can not be reserved, please line up on turn.
※ Sun Moon Lake - Alishan : Please booking at the specified place.
Sun Moon Lake-Alishan:+886-49-2856879; Alishan-Sun Moon Lake:+886-49-2770041
※【Sun Moon Lake - Alishan road】:Because relationship of the road conditions, it take control the total number of people, and limit purchasing on daily for 10 people per station.
※ Due to unpredictable weather in mountain areas, transportation services and equipment / facility usage noted above may be suspended without advance warning.
※ Any vouchers torn without authorization will be treated as void and unusable.

NTBUS No.18-1, Zhongzheng 4th Rd., Puli Township, Nantou County 545, Taiwan (R.O.C.) T:+886-49-2984-031 F:+886-49-2900-873